Video Production Company in, India
Life is beautiful ( LIB) is building a film studio in Pune ( Maharashtra, India) infrastructure within a privately held, self-financed company. This will allow LIB to be a place where creativity comes first and innovation is the norm with the infrastructure to provide the incredible shared experience of watching a movie in thousands of theaters across the country with a passion for transforming business objectives into creativity, content experiences life is beautiful has been turning ideas into masterpieces for the beast 20 years .as a film production our goal of film content that not resonates with target audience but leaves a lasting impact is top of mind.



    We make visions come to life. We create visual masterpieces to help your company tell its story.


    Our motto is, once we start a project, we work our socks off till it is the best it can be. We love and live films!


    We don't work on projects individually but rather collectively. Each individual is of equal importance in creating your perfect film.